Top 10 Fastest ATVs From The Factory: Fastest Stock ATV (2023)

What is the fastest stock ATV from the factory without needing modifications? A lot of people need to modify their quads in order to increase their top speed. But doing so could void manufacturers warranties. So now we’re looking for the fastest stock ATV that we won’t need to make any modifications too.

Of course we will look at top speed, but we also want quick acceleration from the start. Where you’re riding makes a difference too. If you plan on riding a racing track, having the highest top speed and acceleration doesn’t necessarily mean you have the fastest quad.

As promised, I’ll start with a list of the top 10 fastest stock ATVs from the factory. From the factory means that’s how the quad is shipped and purchased brand new with no modifications done to increase performance. Later on I’ll talk about the fastest ATV on the track and why top speed isn’t always the deciding factor in every situation.

Top 10 Fastest ATVs From The Factory: Fastest Stock ATV (1)

Top 10 Fastest Stock ATVs

These ATVs are listed in order of top speed and horsepower. The list may vary a little depending on who’s driving the machine. Everyone rides differently, you may be able to ride number 6 faster than you could number 3, every rider is different.

  1. Polaris Scrambler XP 1000S
  2. Can Am Renegade X XC 1000R
  3. Arctic Cat Thundercat 1000
  4. Can Am Outlander X XC 1000
  5. Suzuki LT500 (quadzilla)
  6. Yamaha Raptor 700R
  7. Honda TRX 700xx
  8. Bombardier DS650
  9. KTM 525 XC
  10. Yamaha YZF 450R

As you can tell, engine size matters. The bigger the engine the faster the quad, usually. But engine type matters as well. For instance the LT500 Quadzilla was made in 1988 and is still on the top ten fastest list. Because of its 500cc two-stroke engine, it can hit top speeds higher than the Raptor 700 which is a four-stroke.

Also keep in mind, a lot of quads being made today have limiters and restricters keeping them from reaching their full potential. This is a safety feature meant to keep people from going too fast and hurting themselves. A lot of times you can take the limiters off the machine, but this post is all about no modifications. Lets take a closer look at each quad.

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Polaris Scrambler XP 1000 S

Top 10 Fastest ATVs From The Factory: Fastest Stock ATV (2)

The Polaris Scrambler 1000 S comes stock at 89 horsepower with 14.5 inches of ground clearance. At 55 inches wide, this quad will dominate on off-road terrain, and has one of the highest top speeds of any ATV ever built. To learn more visit the Polaris website here.

Can Am Renegade X XC 1000R

Top 10 Fastest ATVs From The Factory: Fastest Stock ATV (3)

Coming in at 91 HP the Renegade X XC 1000R has one of the highest horsepower of any ATV made today. Made with a powerful rotax engine, these things come fast from the factory. You can even order one stock with upgraded tires and a snorkeled engine if you just love the mud. To find out more visit the Can-Am website here.

Arctic Cat Thundercat 1000

Top 10 Fastest ATVs From The Factory: Fastest Stock ATV (4)

This 951cc four=stroke V-Twin was one of the fastest ATVs of it’s time. This was before the Renegade and the Scrambler above. This one is more of a utility ATV but can definitely get up to speed. Unfortunately, the Thundercat is no longer on Arctic Cats website because they stopped making them.

Can Am Outlander X XC 1000

Top 10 Fastest ATVs From The Factory: Fastest Stock ATV (5)
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This is another utility quad, but with a 91 HP rotax V-Twin engine, it makes the fastest ATV list. With dynamic power steering at 48 inches wide, the handling and stability are also top notch. The 91 HP is most useful for towing and carrying weight around, but unloaded, it will scream down a straight-away. To see more info visit the Can-Am website here.

Suzuki LT500 (quadzilla)

Top 10 Fastest ATVs From The Factory: Fastest Stock ATV (6)

Quadzilla came out in 1987 and was only produced for 3 years. But the Suzuki LT500 was known to get above 80 mph. The fastest quad of it’s time, and it still makes the top 10 list today. This two-stroke was more than fun to ride, and is still loved by performance enthusiast around the world. This is truly a quad for the history books.

Yamaha Raptor 700R

Top 10 Fastest ATVs From The Factory: Fastest Stock ATV (7)

This 5-speed liquid cooled 4-stroke is really something special. These quads are known for their torque and acceleration. Very popular for dune riding, but these things are super fun on the trail as well. People love the aggressive look the raptor 700 has, and a lot of enthusiast modify these quads to go even faster. In fact, the Guinness world record for fastest land speed on an ATV was with a modified Raptor 700.

Honda TRX 700xx

Top 10 Fastest ATVs From The Factory: Fastest Stock ATV (8)

With a top speed of 86 mph, it’s a shame they only made this quad in 2008 and 2009. This ATV is best suited for speed with a fuel injected single cylinder four-stroke engine, it gets about 46 HP.

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Bombardier DS650

Top 10 Fastest ATVs From The Factory: Fastest Stock ATV (9)

This 5-speed 653cc engine was forced to be reckoned with. This quad was built for motocross. The DS in the name stands for dune sport. This thing was made to go fast in an open flat area, and it does that very well.

KTM 525 XC

Top 10 Fastest ATVs From The Factory: Fastest Stock ATV (10)

The KTM 525 XC is known for its insane acceleration off the line. The biggest advantage these have is how light weight they are. Some people say these are a 450 on steriods, and they aren’t wrong. This is one of the funnest cross-country ATVs to ride and is an excellent choice for racing.

Yamaha YZF 450R

Top 10 Fastest ATVs From The Factory: Fastest Stock ATV (11)

This DOHC 4-stroke 5-speed quad is popular among motocross racers. But is also a fun trail quad. The engine comes ready to race with no additional modifications needed. The ATV is wide too, good for stability and cornering, really a popular feature for racers. For more info visit the Yamaha website here.

Fastest Track Racing ATVs

The fastest stock ATVs aren’t always the best for motocross or track racing. Sure top speed and acceleration make a big difference. But at a certain point, it just doesn’t matter how fast you can go in a straight-away. Most races are won by being quick into a corner and getting quickly out of the corner on the next stretch.

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This has a lot more to do with riding ability than with which quad you’re racing. Still some models stand out more than others in the motocross track racing scene. To improve your speed, you’ll want to work on things like, How To Corner On An ATV, and How To Properly Brake On An ATV. But having one of the fastest racing quads won’t hurt either.

Top 10 Fastest ATVs From The Factory: Fastest Stock ATV (12)

Most racers opt for a 450 for track racing. The key to a good racing quad is getting something light weight with plenty of acceleration. The wider the quad the better you will do in corners as well. The width allows you to get through corners quicker where stability is everything.

Keep in mind a lot of racers modify their quads to their liking. Keeping track of every aspect of their ATV with exact measurements and specifications. That being said, here is a list of some of the most popular quads for racing.

  • Honda TRX 450R
  • Yamaha Raptor 660/700
  • Honda TRX 400EX
  • Yamahe Banshee 350
  • Suzuki LT R450
  • Yamaha YZF 450

Some racers will use different quads depending on which type of track they are riding. Some quads are better for cornering and handling than others, so if a track is full of turns, those ATVs will ultimately perform better in the race.

A lot of the racers will modify their quads to be faster on the track. If you want to make your quad faster check out my Best Ways To Make Your ATV Faster article. In that article I talk about the the most common modifications riders do to make their quad faster.

If you plan on riding at speed or doing any type of racing, it’s best to wear the proper safety gear. Don’t get me wrong it’s always a good idea to wear safety gear, but it’s especially important if you plan on going fast. To see some of the riding gear I’ve tried and tested out for you, visit the Recommended Gear section of this site.

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What was the fastest stock ATV? ›

The RZR XP 4 1000 power is leading this class of machine with the most powerful engine offered in a 4 passenger side x side. With 107 HP it has the fastest acceleration of any UTV side by side.

What is the fastest 4x4 ATV on the market? ›

If speed is what you're after, there is no faster stock ATV on the market than the Can Am Renegade X XC.

What is the top speed of a quadzilla 500? ›

The LT500r is an all-terrain vehicle manufactured by Suzuki Motors and affectionately named the “Quadzilla”. It weighs 392lbs and has a 500cc engine giving the Suzuki LT500r a top speed of 82MPH in stock condition.

What is the fastest factory UTV? ›

The 2022 Polaris RZR Pro R Ultimate Dynamix is one of the fastest production UTVs you can purchase today, with its new 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine pushing out 225 hp. And, thanks to the upgraded 3.0 Fox Live Valve shocks, the R model has 22.5 inches of front travel and 24.5 inches of rear travel.

What is the fastest quad in the world? ›

Fastest speed on a quad bike (ATV)

The highest speed on a quad bike (ATV) is 315.74 km/h (196.19 mph) achieved by Terry Wilmeth (USA) onboard his ALSR Rocket Raptor version 6.0, a modified Yamaha 700 Raptor at the Madras Airport on June 15, 2008. This reclaimed the World Record.

What is the most CC on a ATV? ›

Engine sizes range from 49cc to 1,000cc (0.49 – 1.0 L; 0.3 – 61.0 cu in). You can use these ATVs for transport and recreation, like trail riding and racing. You can buy an ATV ranging from a few thousand dollars to over $15,000.

How fast is a banshee 350 twin? ›

The Banshee 350 has a respectable top speed of 75 mph in stock condition and an average current classifieds price of between $2000 and $3200 US.

How fast is a 1000cc quad? ›

1000cc—80 MPH

For the fastest ATV top speed, you need to go with a quad rocking a 1000cc engine. With a limiter raised to 80 MPH, it stands to reason that if you want to go fast, there's nothing better than a 1000cc ATV. They jump off the line and get to high cruising speeds in no time at all.

How fast does a quadzilla 150 go? ›

Top Speed 25 mph. Transmission Automatic CVT with F/N/R. Reverse Yes. Engine Cooling Liquid Cooled.

How fast does a RZR 1000 Turbo go? ›


They're powered by a 999cc, double overhead cam, eight valve twin with 110 horsepower, enough for an 80+ mph top speed.

What is the fastest stock RZR? ›

RZR Pro R Performance and Speed

They let slip that the Polaris RZR Pro R will hit 90 MPH. That's a stock machine going fast enough to get pulled over on any highway in America.

What UTV has the most HP? ›

Quite a few of those versions have a factory horsepower of 172, thus earning the Maverick X3 the title of the most powerful UTV currently on the market.

Is a Raptor 700 faster than a yfz450? ›

The long-stroke engine revs out to 9000 rpm and has dual counterbalancers for less vibration. New 22-inch Maxxis front tires help it float over dune chop and trail garbage. WHICH YAMAHA IS FASTER? In an all-out drag race, the biggerbore Raptor 700 is faster.

What makes a quad faster? ›

The best way to give your ATV more torque and horsepower is to turbocharge or supercharge the engine, which means that you are creating a path for more pressurized air to enter the engine. More air means more fuel is getting burned, so your ATV will be more powerful in a turbocharged state.

How fast will a Raptor 700 go? ›

How fast does a 700cc raptor go? For models with less displacement, the high speed is around 50 MPH. For bigger engine quads, it's around 80- 90 MPH.

What is the top speed of a Honda TRX 450R? ›

Honda TRX 450R Top Speed

In stock condition the top speed of Honda's TRX 450R model is 74 MPH. A lot of things play a role in determining top speed including rider weight, ATV condition, altitude, carb adjustment, wind speed and direction, ground surface and more.

How much HP does a Raptor 700R have? ›

The heart of Raptor R is a new 5.2-liter supercharged V8 engine that delivers 700 horsepower and 640 lb. -ft. of torque to give it incredible desert-running power.

How many cc's is a Raptor 700R? ›

The Raptor 700R is Yamaha's second generation of the Raptor (first gen being the Raptor 660) and is powered by a 686cc single cylinder overhead cam electronically fuel injected engine, with electric start and a five-speed manual transmission with a single-speed reverse.

What is the number 1 selling ATV in the world? ›

Polaris: Polaris is the global leader in ATV sales. The American manufacturer has one of the most extensive ATV portfolios for 2022.

What ATV is best in snow? ›

If you're looking for a good 4-wheeler in the snow, the Polaris Sportsman 570 Ride Command Edition offers the industry's fastest-engaging all-wheel drive to instantly stop the spin and get you going.

What is the top speed of a Honda 400EX? ›

Honda 400ex In-Depth Guide

It has a 28 horsepower engine and the Honda 400EX has a top speed of 72 MPH.

How fast is a TRX 700? ›

Top speed approximately 86 MPH.

How fast is a Honda ATV? ›

The stock Honda Rancher 420 has a top speed of approximately 55mph. A rev limiter prevents the ATV from going faster. These speeds, however, can change depending on the rider's weight, the nature of the landscape and the Honda Rancher 420 model you are riding.

What is the top speed of a Yamaha Raptor 450? ›

A stock YFZ 450 ATV has a top speed of approximately 75MPH (see top speeds list).

How fast is a Raptor 660? ›

The 660 Raptor includes a 36 horsepower 660cc, five valve, 4-stroke liquid cooled engine with the most displacement available in any quad at the time. It also featured a 3 intake and 2 exhaust valve setup, over 10 inches of ground clearance, a seat height of 33.9 inches and has a top speed of 74 MPH(stock).

What is the top speed of a Yamaha Warrior? ›

Yamaha Warrior 350 Top Speed

A stock Yamaha Warrior 350 is capable of reaching speeds of 63 MPH on flat even surfaces according to the manufacturer.


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