Top Construction and Engineering Jobs in Canada - Outpost Recruitment (2023)

Top Construction and Engineering Jobs in Canada - Outpost Recruitment (1)

Top Construction and Engineering Jobs in Canada - Outpost Recruitment (2)

  • Sep 11, 2019
  • By Ruairi Spillane

Top Construction and Engineering Jobs in Canada

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For newcomers to Canada with a background in construction, choosing the right construction job or engineering role is one of the most important aspects of their move. Your experience and talents are key factors, but you also need to know which roles are the most in demand construction and engineering jobs in Canada.

Outpost Recruitment specializes in construction and engineering roles across Canada. With years of combined experience, we have positive relationships with clients from coast to coast. We place candidates in sectors like general contracting, design engineering and project management consulting, property development, and across ICI (Institutional Commercial and Industrial) buildings, infrastructure and industrial sectors.Our experience in mentoring and placing local and international talent in construction jobs across Canada and frequent exchange with major companies in these sectors allows us to identify those roles most frequently in demand.

In recent years, we’ve seen a huge increase in activity in various construction and engineering related industries across Canada, particularly in major cities like Vancouver and Toronto, but also regional areas across British Columbia. This includes mega projects like LNG Canada, but also a range of other municipal and regional projects. Our diligence to our work means we detect trends early on, and recently we have seen the demand for a number of top construction and engineering roles grow and grow thanks to the thriving markets in Canada. You can read more about these positions below:

Construction Project Manager

Commercial Manager, Infrastructure

Construction Estimator, Infrastructure

Construction Project Manager, Infrastructure

Construction Estimator, Buildings

Electrical Engineer, Building Services

Mechanical Engineer, Building Services

Construction Project Manager

Job Description:

Construction Project Managers are responsible for providing overall management direction for projects, as well as being able to develop business opportunities with existing clients and developing relationships with new clients in terms of geographical and project-type priorities. Other tasks for a Construction Project Manager include the overseeing of project operations, particularly in terms of reaching profitability goals, duty assignment, health and safety implementation, budgets, scheduling and team communication.

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

Candidates for a Construction Project Manager job in Canada typically need a post-secondary Degree in engineering or the equivalent of a designated Professional Engineer or a Technical School graduate in a construction-related discipline. A minimum 5 years’ related construction experience are usually required for Project Manager roles. Project Coordinators (Project Coordinator, Assistant Project Manager and Junior Project Manager are used interchangeably in Canada) require a minimum 3+ years of experience. Other required qualifications include experience with construction management and design/build formats and familiarity with computerized project management systems, including scheduling, estimating, planning and cost control.

Candidates for this role are sought across Canada. We’ve identified needs specifically in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton and currently have clients looking for promising candidates for this type of construction job. If you are ready to build your career in Canada with us, then apply here!

Commercial Manager, Infrastructure

Job Description:

Commercial Managers are responsible for all financial aspects of the project or portfolio they manage. In infrastructure construction job environments, Commercial Managers usually perform the following construction management related tasks: project design management, contract administration and negotiation, project planning, administering of sub-contracts, contract resolution, project planning, as well as commercial issues such as procurement, commercial reporting, cost control and risk management.

In addition, Commercial Managers are responsible for the strategic development that ensures business and revenue growth targets are met.

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

A Bachelor’s degree in a related field and/or corresponding professional membership is required for most positions. Experienced Commercial Managers are especially sought after, and we see that candidates with a minimum of 6 years commercial management experience on major projects strive in the current Canadian construction jobs market.

A candidate’s background matters strongly for these construction management jobs in Canada. Candidates currently operating at executive level on a major project or as commercial manager in a large construction company, or with experience in managing major subcontracts and design consultancies or with previous major project Joint Venture experience are at an advantage.

Hiring managers are usually looking for a proven track record in delivering commercial outcomes on major projects, and the ability to operate and manage at the executive level of the Project structure in a PPP/PFI environment.

Opportunities for commercial management candidates exist all over Canada. We currently have clients with needs for experienced candidates in Vancouver and Toronto, as well as some fly in fly out (FIFO) opportunities in remote locations. If you are interested in building your career with an attractive commercial management position, then apply here!

Construction Project Manager, Infrastructure

Job Description:

On infrastructure projects the Construction Project Manager is one of the most important construction management jobs. The Construction Project Manager can expect to work closely and report to the Project Director. Project Managers are responsible for ensuring that the entirety of the project is completed safely, on schedule, and in compliance with the contract schedule and project budgets. On top of that, a successful Project Manager should be able to maintain positive relationships with the owner and other relevant stakeholders. The Project Manager also supports the successful acquisition and tendering of various projects, as well as providing overall administrative direction, technical expertise and additional support to project teams. While the general responsibilities of a Construction Project Manager in Canada don’t vary too much between general construction jobs and infrastructure management, the specific project experience can differ widely.

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

Infrastructure construction project managers are required to possess education including an engineering degree, technical college diploma or equivalent combination of technical training and/or related experience.

Outpost Recruitment partners are particularly seeking senior Project Managers in infrastructure construction jobs, with a minimum of 7 years of experience. At this level the Project Manager needs to act with independence and lead administrative as well as field staff. The position also requires Design Build or P3 project experience and thorough knowledge of all aspects of construction (technology, equipment, methods), industry practices, estimating/budgeting, scheduling and safety requirements.

Candidates for this role are sought specifically in Vancouver and Toronto. If you are interested in building your career in Canada with a great Construction Project Management job, Outpost Recruitment is currently looking for candidates here!

Construction Estimator, Infrastructure

Job Description:

A Construction Estimator will be primarily responsible for pricing projects as assigned or directed by the Bid Manager. This multifaceted role requires the estimator to meet clients, conduct site reviews, prepare quantities, execute contract negotiations and review all other relevant information. The environment for this construction job in Canada is project driven, fast-paced and can be demanding at times.

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

This role requires strong organizational and communication skills. Candidates should possess field experience in related disciplines and understanding of construction processes, the ability to read and interpret construction drawings and be proficient at using Bid2Win or a similar estimating software. Candidates with industry experience in transportation, roads and large infrastructure projects are especially sought after. A Gold Seal Certification or BCIT graduation will usually be considered additional assets.

Construction Estimators for infrastructure projects are particularly in demand in Canada and clients are often hiring on all experience levels. Outpost Recruitment has identified needs specifically in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto.

Want to follow your dreams as a Construction Estimator? If so, apply here!

Construction Estimator, Buildings

Job Description:

While responsibilities of Construction Estimators are similar between infrastructure and building construction jobs, the project experience required differs significantly. The estimator’s responsibilities on building projects include the assignment and measurement of quantities, costing and sub-trade analysis, competitive bid management, and the allocation of necessary cash allowances for presentation and final review. The Estimator will be involved in estimating activities which will include preparing hard bid, cost plus and design build estimates for projects.

An Estimator will report directly to the Chief Estimator of the buildings group and will be responsible for performing all facets of an estimate for current and future construction jobs/projects.

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

In the buildings sector, experienced Construction Estimators are particularly in demand and a minimum of 7 years’ experience as an estimator in the ICI sector will make for the most interesting profile. At this level the candidate will direct the work activities of other Estimators as required. A strong knowledge of the local construction industry is often necessary, making this position more challenging to attain for newcomers. Nevertheless, candidates with experience working on complex institutional, commercial, light industrial, multi-unit residential, and civil structures up to $50 Million will usually find consideration. A proven track record preparing detailed estimates and submitting lump-sum tenders as well as preparing preliminary construction schedules will also be necessary.

Candidates are required to hold a diploma in Quantity Surveying, Civil Engineering, or a diploma in Building Technology.

Outpost Recruitment is filling positions for this role across Canada, specifically in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. Want to use your skills to excel as an Estimator? If so, you can apply for this construction job here.

Electrical Engineer, Building Services

Job Description:

When it comes to engineering jobs, the Electrical Engineer is a very important position. The Electrical Engineer reports directly to the Project Manager, Senior Designer or Team Leader, depending on the project. Given the multidisciplinary nature of this role, an ideal Electrical Engineering candidate needs to be a team player with minimal supervision, as well as having great communication skills and a can-do attitude. They also need to work closely with Architects, Structural Consultants, Code Consultants, Geotechnical Consultants as the project requires. Finally, proficient operating knowledge of AutoCAD is required.

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

A minimum of 3-5 years AutoCAD design experience coupled with 2 years design experience in LV, HV, control and lighting systems will usually be required. The abilities to read Architectural, Structural and Electrical drawings and to apply prescriptive requirements of electrical building services engineering codes are key. Candidates need to possess a university or college degree in a related field, and either be eligible to apply for or already have an E.I.T. classification.

Candidates for this role are sought across Canada, and there are many opportunities specifically in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Winnipeg.

Want to take the next step in one of the most sought-after engineering jobs? If so, you need to apply for an Electrical Engineering position on our jobs board today!

Mechanical Engineer, Building Services

Job Description:

Mechanical Engineering jobs require applicants to maintain strong client relationships and build new businesses across the company’s portfolio. In addition, they will need to mentor team members and lead a design team from the front with innovation and initiative.

Other responsibilities include the implementation of design concepts through the preparation and production of drawings and schematics of mechanical systems for commercial, institutional, residential, public and private facilities. Additionally, the Mechanical Engineer designs mechanical HVACs, and the plumbing and fire protection in large-scale commercial and institutional building applications. The role coordinates with other consulting disciplines to ensure drawing integrity and completeness.

Job Requirements and Qualifications:

A Post-secondary education in Mechanical Engineering or another relevant discipline such as Building Systems is required. A minimum of 3+ years of relevant working experience makes for the most sought-after profile. Candidates will be expected to have a background developing construction documents using AutoCAD and/or Revit and be familiar with bid and tendering processes. Extensive knowledge of detailed architectural drawings and construction concepts and the ability to read and apply pertinent codes and standards is a key skill. Newcomers to Canada need to be prepared with excellent knowledge of Canadian/Provincial and other relevant codes and standards (i.e.: ESC, CSA, IES, IEEE, NFPA) in the industry. P. Eng. or CET certifications are an asset in this position.

Candidates for this role are sought specifically in Vancouver. If you want an engineering job that will fulfill you professionally, then this Mechanical Engineering position could be perfect for you.

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Ready to start your career in Canada?

If you’re unsure whether or not one of these roles suit you, or would simply like a second opinion, why not talk to Outpost Recruitment? Since 2011, we have specialized in pairing the best local and international construction and engineering professionals with companies across Canada. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Register with us and make the first step. Or apply to a position through our jobs board.

About Outpost Recruitment

We are a boutique agency with a solid business foundation, we mentor local and international talent. Our aim is to help the qualified and motivated candidates we work with find their desired role, whilst also ensuring that the needs of our clients are met. Outpost Recruitment provides a fresh, personalized approach to doing business, and we make it our mission to understand our candidates and clients’ respective needs. We achieve this by taking a proactive approach to what we do and by staying on top of what is happening in your market. Our ‘no nonsense’ approach means we listen, seek to understand, advise and communicate on progress as required. Bottom line: we can be counted on to deliver. We use our passion for what we do to make sure that we pair the perfect candidate with their dream job.

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Which engineering job is high in demand for Canada? ›

civil engineering

Civil engineering is one of the most popular branches of the engineering sector. These specialized workers are the most in-demand engineers today. This is likely due to the numerous infrastructure projects underway throughout Canada.

Which construction job pays the most in Canada? ›

Top Paying Construction Jobs
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Technician. These construction jobs require you to work on specialty equipment often used in industries such as mining, forestry, transportation, and material handling. ...
  • Industrial Electrician. ...
  • Industrial Mechanic. ...
  • Pipefitter. ...
  • Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Mechanic.

Which city in Canada has the best engineering jobs? ›

Vancouver. This bustling city is one of the most popular places for civil engineering jobs in Canada. Vancouver is home to some of the country's largest infrastructure projects, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for qualified engineers.

What are the job prospects for engineering in Canada? ›

According to Engineers Canada, there will be a need for over 100,000 new engineers before 2025, and with industries pushing the boundaries of technology, machinery, infrastructure, as well as medicine, the demand could further grow in the future.

Can American engineers work in Canada? ›

Is there such a thing as reciprocity for an American professional engineer (PE) to work in Canada? No, in Canada you are required to be licensed by a regulatory body to practise engineering. Please contact the provincial or territorial engineering regulatory body in the area you intend to work for more information.

Does Canada have a shortage of engineers? ›

The shortage isn't limited to a single country, either. Nations worldwide are reporting shortages in a variety of engineering fields. In Canada, there are a little over 250,000 currently employed engineers. Experts estimate that by 2020, approximately 95,000 of those engineers will reach retirement.

Are construction workers in high demand in Canada? ›

Demand for construction trades is likely to remain high. According to BuildForce Canada, the industry needs to recruit 309,000 new construction workers over the next decade (2021 – 2030), driven by the expected retirement of 259,100 workers (or 22% of the current workforce).

What construction skill pays the most? ›

15 Best-Paying Construction Jobs
  • Construction Manager. Construction managers handle the lion's share of planning, budgeting and overall supervision of construction projects from beginning to end. ...
  • Elevator Installer. ...
  • Architect. ...
  • Estimator. ...
  • Boilermaker. ...
  • Building Inspector. ...
  • Plumber. ...
  • Brick Mason.
Nov 22, 2022

What is the most profitable job in construction? ›

Top 10 Highest Paying Construction Careers
  • Senior Project Manager. Average Salary: $97,000 – $159,000. ...
  • Architect. ...
  • Civil Engineer. ...
  • Construction Manager. ...
  • Heavy Construction Equipment Supervisor. ...
  • Construction Estimator. ...
  • Construction Inspector. ...
  • Civil Engineering Technologist.
Jun 28, 2023

Do engineers make more in Canada or us? ›

The US has a much higher potential income than Canada in almost every field. If you are a super star in a field like Medicine, engineering, or business you can earn millions by moving to a city like NY, SAN San Francisco or Los Angeles. Toronto and Montreal can not compete.

What are the top 5 cities to work in Canada? ›

According to the data from Preply, four Canadian cities including Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto made it into the Top 50 best remote work cities. Ottawa has secured the ninth position globally with a total score of 75 with a strong rating of 92 for quality of life and 80 for safety.

Is engineering in Canada harder than us? ›

In US, we usually take 4-5 courses per term. However, in most Canadian universities, there are 6-7 per term. The workload is way much heavier.

Can a foreigner work as an engineer in Canada? ›

Un-licensed engineer

You can still work as an engineer in Canada even if you don't have a licence, as long as you are supervised by a professional engineer (P. Eng.). You should take into account that: There are some requirements that will depend on the province you want to practice.

Which field is demanding in Canada? ›

The engineering field is a continuously growing field with an ever-increasing demand for talent. Engineers belonging to multiple fields are in demand in Canada. There are many in-demand jobs in Canada for electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, software engineers, and aerospace engineers.

Is it easy to immigrate to Canada as an engineer? ›

As an internationally trained engineer, Canada's immigration programs offer you an exciting, lucrative opportunity to move to Canada and settle permanently. However, the licensing process is time-consuming and you may need to spend some time working under supervision before you can land a job as a licensed engineer.

Can I work in Canada if I am American? ›

In general, you need a visa or work permit to be allowed to work in Canada. US citizens or residents coming to Canada on business may stay in the country without a work permit for up to 6 months.

Can you get a job in Canada if you are American? ›

Are U.S. residents legally allowed to work in Canada? If you're a U.S. citizen or temporary resident, you usually need to get Canadian permanent residence or a work or study permit to be eligible to work in Canada. You cannot legally work in Canada if you're in the country as a visitor.

Can an American contractor work in Canada? ›

The good news is that many countries have tax treaties with Canada. This may permit you an exemption if you are paying social security at home. For example, if you are a contractor from the US contracting in Canada, you still have to pay US self-employment taxes on your income, which covers social security.

Is there a shortage of construction workers in Canada? ›

The construction industry is short tens of thousands of workers, and experts say a coming wave of retirements could make the problem worse even as Canada is millions of homes behind what's needed to reach housing affordability this decade.

What industries need workers in Canada? ›

Biggest Industries by Employment in Canada in 2023
  • Hospitals in Canada. 651,335.
  • Full-Service Restaurants in Canada. 531,399.
  • Supermarkets & Grocery Stores in Canada. 431,287.
  • Fast Food Restaurants in Canada. ...
  • Colleges & Universities in Canada. ...
  • IT Consulting in Canada. ...
  • Commercial Banking in Canada. ...
  • Engineering Services in Canada.

Which engineering has highest demand? ›

The most demanded engineering courses include Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Solar Engineering, Wind Energy Engineering, Nanotechnology, etc.

Can I immigrate to Canada as a construction worker? ›

It is absolutely possible to become a construction worker in Canada from another country as long as you can prove your experience and expertise. There are three main sectors in Canada's construction industry: Residential construction. Non-Residential construction.

What is the future of construction industry in Canada? ›

“The construction sector saw another strong year of growth in 2022, with overall employment growing further beyond pre-pandemic levels,” says Clyde Scollan, Chair of BuildForce Canada. “More than 1.5 million Canadians, or about one in every 13 working people, now works in the industry.

Does construction pay well in Canada? ›

The average construction worker salary in Canada is $42,936 per year or $22.02 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $37,050 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $58,500 per year.

Can a construction worker become a millionaire? ›

Some millionaires, however, trace their fortunes to their time working as plumbers, farmers, construction workers, bus drivers and janitors. Here's a look at the millionaires who built their fortunes on the foundation of the high-paying manual labor jobs that got them started.

What is the hardest construction job? ›

You're also doing it from at least 15-20 feet above the ground. This is why roofers tend to have the most accidents and annual fatalities among all construction fields. It's also why contractors themselves label it the hardest job.

Can you become a millionaire in the construction industry? ›

Construction millionaires not only exist, they are created every day. Most have made their fortunes not because they got one lucky break, but because they figured out how to work smart, not just hard. Once you finally understand the secrets to success there is absolutely no limit for where you can take your company.

What is highest paying job in USA? ›

Highest-Paying Occupations
Ophthalmologists, Except Pediatric$219,810374.60%
General Internal Medicine Physicians$214,460363.10%
Dentists, All Other Specialists$212,740359.40%
Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers$211,790357.30%
17 more rows

Is it better to work in Canada or USA? ›

The USA has larger income packages, but Canada has superior healthcare, more maternity leaves, and other social benefits. In addition, although Canada's average workweek is a little longer than the US's, getting a Worker Visa Canada is much easier.

Who pays more Canada or US? ›

While the average annual income of both countries is similar, the cost of living is higher in Canada. You'll be paying less for health insurance and rent in Canada, but utilities, gas, and consumer goods will be higher. Costs also vary depending on the city you live in.

Do people get paid more in Canada than US? ›

Median household income for Canada was 87000 CAD (2018 data) and 64000 USD for the USA or about 77000 CAD using today's rate (also 2018). Averages Rather than median skew the USA wages higher due to more inequality. Such figures can be misleading though, and industries should be compared.

Which part of Canada is easy to get a job? ›

If you're looking for a Canadian province with plenty of job prospects for Indians, look no further than Ontario. Furthermore, businesses in Ontario pay Indians more than employees get in other Canadian provinces. Ontario, Canada's second-largest province, provides great employment prospects.

Where in Canada has the most job opportunities? ›

The Canadian province which saw the most employment growth was British Columbia in 2021. It has registered an increase in employment by 6.6%.

What city is best to migrate to in Canada? ›

Toronto is one of the most metropolitan and multicultural cities in the world, with more than half of residents belonging to a visible minority group. Ottawa is the second most popular city in Ontario and is also the capital of Canada. Ottawa is considered one of the safest cities in Canada.

Is it easier to move to Canada than USA? ›

While both countries require visas for certain types of immigration, the process and requirements are different. In the United States, the immigration system is notoriously complex and can be difficult to navigate. Canada, on the other hand, has a more streamlined system that is generally considered more accessible.

Why choose Canada over USA? ›

Apart from tuition fees, the cost of living in Canada is also much lower than the cost of living in the US. International students can gain a fair idea of the cost of living for both countries with the table given below. NOTE:- Living expenses include grocery shopping, social activities, and emergency situations.

Is it harder to move to Canada or the USA? ›

Contrary to popular opinion, it is much easier to immigrate to Canada than to the USA. In general, USA immigration is employment-based, which means the easiest and fastest way to enter the USA is via a work permit or business immigration. After that, an applicant can “adjust their status” for permanent residence.

How hard is it for a foreigner to get a job in Canada? ›

No, in general, it's hard to find a job in Canada as an immigrant. This is because Canadians want you to have previous work experience in Canada before you are recruited for a position.

Are engineers highly paid in Canada? ›

It's widely known that engineers typically earn a good income in Canada, especially when compared to other occupations. Engineering is a diverse field with many different specializations, so salaries can vary widely depending on the specific job, years of experience and industry.

Can a non citizen get a job in Canada? ›

Foreign nationals looking to work in or visit Canada may need to get a work permit, a visitor visa or both to enter Canada. There are temporary and permanent immigration programs that you may be eligible to apply for.

What skilled workers is Canada looking for? ›

 Eligible Occupations under Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • 0011 Legislators.
  • 0012 Senior government managers and officials.
  • 0013 Senior managers – financial, communications and other business services.
  • 0014 Senior managers – health, education, social and community services and membership organizations.

What is the average salary in Canada vs US? ›

Salaries in the US vs Canada

While the differences aren't large between earning amounts in Canada and the US, Americans actually have higher average salaries than Canadians. The average salary of Americans is $56,690 and it is about $43,867 in Canada.

What is Canada looking for in immigrants? ›

Canada needs immigration for continued economic development and growth. A country's inhabitants are what drive national spending and consumption, for which every country requires a strong labour force to ensure consistent production of goods and delivery of services.

Which engineering is highly demanded in Canada? ›

civil engineering

Civil engineering is one of the most popular branches of the engineering sector. These specialized workers are the most in-demand engineers today. This is likely due to the numerous infrastructure projects underway throughout Canada.

What type of engineering is most in demand in Canada? ›

Biomedical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is one of the most in demand fields of engineering in Canada, and those that work in the profession work in a variety of industries.

Which city in Canada is best for engineering jobs? ›

Vancouver. This bustling city is one of the most popular places for civil engineering jobs in Canada. Vancouver is home to some of the country's largest infrastructure projects, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for qualified engineers.

Which engineering field has highest salary in Canada? ›

mechanical engineer

The highest paying positions tend to be in the oil and gas sector or for roles in locations such as Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia.

Which job has highest demand in Canada? ›

The 15 Most In-Demand Jobs in Canada in 2023
  • Software Engineer. ...
  • Mechanic. ...
  • Human Resource Manager. ...
  • Nurse. ...
  • Pharmacists. ...
  • Warehouse Worker. ...
  • Graphic Designer. ...
  • Physiotherapist. People are more aware than ever of the importance of maintaining their physical health, even while working from home.
Jan 25, 2023

What fields are in high demand in Canada? ›

Employment increased in 2022, which is anticipated to last well into 2023. The landscape of in-demand positions in Canada might differ from what job hunters saw in the post-pandemic era. Some of the occupations seeing the most demand in Canada for 2023 include the service industry, technology, and healthcare.

Which engineer has the highest demand? ›

The most demanded engineering courses include Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Solar Engineering, Wind Energy Engineering, Nanotechnology, etc.

Can engineers make 200k in Canada? ›

Structural Engineer

Structural engineers at the high end of the scale can make over $200,000 a year. The job basically involves calculating and, if necessary, finding ways to improve the stability and strength of buildings.

Is it worth moving to Canada in 2023? ›

The country will continue to be a preferred destination for Indian immigrants in 2023. Migrating to Canada has benefits and advantages, including a better lifestyle, satisfactory living conditions, and good probabilities. There are plenty of job options that come with lucrative salary packages.

What jobs will be in demand in 2030 Canada? ›

Graphic designers and illustrators, chefs, specialist physicians, registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses and technical sales specialists in wholesale trade are all jobs that are projected to see growth by 2030.

How can I get a job in Canada easily? ›

Here's a list of steps that can help you find a job in Canada:
  1. Search for open positions and recruitment companies online. ...
  2. Network with professionals who immigrated to Canada. ...
  3. Ensure you meet linguistic proficiency standards. ...
  4. Consider visiting employers in-person. ...
  5. Gain professional experience by volunteering.
Feb 16, 2023

What jobs are in demand for foreigners in Canada? ›

Accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs are one of the most in demand professions in Canada. They are currently so in demand that you may be able to use the Canadian Immigration Express Entry System to immigrate to Canada if you qualify for a job within this profession.

What are the top 5 employment trends in Canada? ›

Top Labour Market Trends 2022
  • Information technology (5.4 per cent)
  • Professional associations (5.3 per cent)
  • Media and telecommunications (5.1 per cent)
  • Construction (5.1 per cent)
Dec 14, 2022

What kind of workers does Canada need? ›

Most In-Demand Jobs In Canada
  1. Electrical Engineer.
  2. Aerospace Engineer.
  3. Software Engineer.
  4. Human Resources Manager.
  5. Web Developer.
  6. Veterinarian.
  7. Recruiter.
  8. Financial Advisor.

What is the lowest paid engineering field? ›

The Lowest Paying: Environmental, Geological, Civil, and Biological Engineering.

Which field of engineering is best in future? ›

15 best engineering jobs for the future
  • Civil engineering technician.
  • Cartographer.
  • Aerospace engineering technician.
  • Industrial engineer.
  • Agricultural engineer.
  • Mechanical engineer.
  • Marine engineer.
  • Civil engineer.
Mar 10, 2023

Which is the most paid engineering field? ›

In terms of median pay and growth potential, these are the 10 highest paying engineering jobs to consider.
  1. Environmental Engineer. ...
  2. Biomedical Engineer. ...
  3. Systems Engineer. ...
  4. Electrical Engineer. ...
  5. Chemical Engineer. ...
  6. Big Data Engineer. ...
  7. Nuclear Engineer. ...
  8. Aerospace Engineer.
Mar 24, 2023


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