WWE 2K22 review — The new Head of the Table (2023)

WWE 2K22 is finally here. The saga began with the “botchfest” that was WWE 2K20. That led to the cancellation of the next game in the series. It was subsequently replaced by WWE 2K Battlegrounds, a rather mundane arcade offering.

There’s a lot of trepidation considering past events. Thankfully, Visual Concepts has managed to craft an engaging experience. It might not be perfect, but WWE 2K22 is a step in the right direction.

Mmm, gorgeous

The first thing you’ll notice in WWE 2K22 is the graphical detail. Character models are more vividly striking and significantly better this time around. Although there are still a few odds and ends, you’ll mostly be wowed by the visuals.

The performance, too, was surprisingly top-notch. I have an Intel 10900K, Nvidia 3080, and 32 GB RAM, sure, but I was still amazed by the fact that the game ran at high and stable framerates with hardly any drops. These were from multi-man matches as well, including eight-person tag ladder matches that could take forever. I did experience some crashes when downloading custom images, but these were during the first day when the servers went live. I haven’t experienced these problems since then.

Other key changes and improvements are related to combat. This time, you’ll use a combo system, where pressing a series of buttons allows you to chain punches and kicks followed by a takedown. Animations are smoother and reversal transitions are a sight to behold. Perhaps my favorite was when I was in a battle royale and an opponent attempted to do a running attack while my back was turned. I pressed one button to do a reversal and my opponent flew over the top rope, handing me a victory. My only gripe here is the use of a grab button that requires another press to do an Irish Whip. That was a bit peculiar, though I guess it might be due to how the system is set up.

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The Create-a-Superstar or CAW feature in WWE 2K22

When WWE 2K20 initially launched, it was marred by a litany of bugs and issues. One of these was the fact that you can’t save custom photos or logos at all, completely curbing attempts to make detailed CAWs.

Fortunately, WWE 2K22 shipped with a fully working Creation Suite. I definitely enjoyed making my own CAW versions of The Fiend and AEW’s MJF.

Even better, WWE 2K22 allows you to create a custom render or portrait for your superstars. You don’t have to settle for the default poses. Now, you can take a real-life image and use it for match-up and selection screens.

Perhaps the only downside here is that detailed custom entrances have been removed. You can still assign different videos, banner movies, and so on, but the motions are all based on templates. Characters will move and act based on that template from gorilla to the ring, and you’re no longer able to tweak each segment.

(Video) WWE 2K23: More Updates Revealed, Creation Suite, War Games, Universe Mode, 2K Showcase & More!

WWE 2K22 Showcase featuring Rey Mysterio

This year’s Showcase Mode features Rey Mysterio (who’s also the cover athlete). That’s all well and good given that Rey Rey is one of the most iconic luchadores to have ever stepped foot in the ring. The problem with Showcase Mode is that Rey’s illustrious career has been condensed into only a dozen matches, most of which are forgettable.

For instance, the first match has Rey (in Phantom costume) going up against Eddie Guerrero. This is from WCW’s Halloween Havoc, considered as one of the best bouts in the promotion’s history. That’s followed by, oddly enough, Rey vs. Eddie in the WWE. That’s right. They completely jumped several years ahead, meaning that Rey’s entire WCW stint was represented by just that one match.

Some omissions make sense (i.e., Chris Benoit for obvious reasons). The lack of matches against Chris Jericho, CM Punk, and Dean Malenko are also a given since they’re in AEW now. What’s flabbergasting is that there are no bouts against Billy Kidman (currently a WWE producer), Kurt Angle (who, for some reason, isn’t included in the game as a legend), or Psicosis (he’s not in AEW, that’s for sure). Instead, you’ve got random matches against Samoa Joe and Gran Metalik.

MyRise Career Mode

Another feature in WWE 2K22 that’s worth talking about is MyRise. This game’s Career Mode is, no doubt, one of the best in recent memory. No longer are you a goof with a dorky nickname who’s pigeonholed into linear storylines. Instead, your journey is more open-ended. You can talk to various superstars, partake in challenges, initiate storylines up to their conclusion, and change your alignment (i.e., face or heel) based on dialogue responses.

I chose a female CAW for this one, and her journey began in the Performance Center. After winning several fights and becoming the Performance Center champion, my character duked it out with Sasha Banks before getting the opportunity to join Raw, SmackDown, or NXT. I chose Raw and had multiple branches available, such as Charlotte’s Queen of the Ring tournament and Bayley’s Women’s Intercontinental Championship arc.

(Video) WWE 2K22 Roman Reigns New Custom Blue/Red HEAD OF THE TABLE Shirt Attire

My only complaint here is that your MyRise CAW is only available in this very mode. You can’t import it for use in regular matches or Universe Mode.

MyGM and Universe Mode

Universe Mode is back and it doesn’t have a lot of changes. In fact, it’s probably one of the weakest features considering how we’ve seen everything this mode can offer in past years.

A new addition, however, is MyGM. Previously part of the SmackDown vs. Raw games, GM Mode pits your brand against another to see who can win the ratings war. You’ll partake in a draft, recruit free agents or legends, book your own show, and use perks to gain benefits. I do wish that MyGM was somehow integrated into Universe Mode to make the latter more refreshing. Instead, these two are completely separate and independent of each other.

MyFaction cards

I did say that Universe Mode was one of the weakest features. Well, MyFaction is the other one. Think of MyFaction as a collectible card game where you open packs, form a team, and have your wrestlers fight a “tower” (i.e., sequence of matches). You gain daily login bonuses and virtual currency, as well as a means of spending real-world money.


The less said about this, the better, as it’s not something I’d want in a wrestling game. As an aside, it does feel strange knowing that there’s a “faction-esque” standalone feature, even though Universe Mode is still limited to one-on-one and two-on-two rivalries.

WWE 2K22 is the Head of the Table

My main gripe with WWE 2K22 is that many of these modes and features feel lacking, disconnected, or tacked on. True, you could spend a lot of time playing Universe Mode, but it’s more of the same from previous years. MyGM, though a welcome addition, doesn’t even have triple threat, fourway, or faction-versus-faction rivalries. Compared to Universe Mode, the matches in each show are limited, which means it’s pointless to have a beefed-up roster. MyFaction, as it stands, seems like it’s tacked on for the sake of having microtransactions and extra earnings.

At the very least, WWE 2K22 still manages to one-up its predecessor — though that’s a very low bar to clear. There are still a few bugs, sure, but they’re not as egregious as the last time. With top-notch graphics, stable performance, improved targeting controls, and a combo system that’s easy to get used to, it offers a refreshing change of pace to a long-standing series.

Lastly, I do think it’s worth mentioning that the roster is severely outdated. For example, Bray Wyatt/The Fiend, Aleister Black, Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Ruby Riott are gone. But Braun Strowman, Jeff Hardy, Keith Lee, Breezango, the IIconics, Karrion Kross, Scarlett, Buddy Murphy, Kalisto, Lana, and others are still around. In some ways, you do feel sad that you’re playing as these characters though they’re no longer part of the organization. At the very least, there’s still an opportunity to create numerous CAWs for your own burgeoning promotion to continue their stories. I’m also looking forward to future DLCs that could add more superstars. I’m hoping that we don’t end up with just themed arenas and reskins.

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How do you win a table match in WWE 2K22? ›

  1. Don't press X/Square as this will slam their head into the table.
  2. Press the B/Cicle button to lean them against the table.
  3. Now Press RT/R2 and A/X at the prompt to execute the WWE 2K22 Finisher on the announcer's table.
May 1, 2022

Is w2k22 worth it? ›

WWE 2K22 Is Still Worth Playing. So what really hits different about this game is how much it varies from the previous WWE games in which the flow of matches and the terrible glitches made the game either boring or unplayable.

What is the best superstar to use in WWE 2K22? ›

Roman Reigns – (95)

Topping the WWE 2K22 10 best wrestlers list is Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns is quickly becoming a giant powerhouse in WWE 2K22. With his punching power, Reigns will give you unmatching success rates against top wrestlers.

Is there omg moments in WWE 2K22? ›

So what happened to Abilities, Skills & OMG Moments from previous games? Have they been removed from WWE 2K22? Yes, but actually no. The majority of them are now either available for all Superstars to use, or they can still be performed in other ways.

How do you grab a Mitb briefcase in WWE 2K22? ›

How to Grab a Briefcase from the Top of a Ladder in WWE 2K22. After pressing the L1/LB button to reach, players will need to complete a very basic mini-game in order to unhook the briefcase. They'll be presented with a rotating circle with a small gap in it and a red ball that can be moved using the right analog stick.

Which WWE 2K game has the best story mode? ›

20 Best Story Modes In WWE Games, Ranked
  1. 1 Rey Mysterio's Amnesia - Smackdown Vs Raw 2011.
  2. 2 Attitude Era Mode - WWE '13. ...
  3. 3 MyCareer Mode - WWE 2K19. ...
  4. 4 The United Kingdom - WWE '12. ...
  5. 5 Shawn Michaels vs. ...
  6. 6 Revenge Mode - WrestleMania 19. ...
  7. 7 Eddie Guerrero Controls The Undertaker - Smackdown Vs Raw 2006. ...
Apr 10, 2022

Why is WWE 2K22 outdated? ›

While it is almost impossible for a WWE game to be completely up-to-date. Literally the day the game came out, the game was outdated due to Pete Dunne's name getting changed to “Butch” on SmackDown.

How long is WWE 2K22 Universe mode? ›

Gamers can play Universe Mode for an infinite amount of time, going through the WWE calendar over and over with new feuds, champions and pay-per-view matches. All of those aspects figure to remain in place for Universe Mode in WWE 2K22, but there is one significant change that is likely to be well received by players.

Who is in the most wanted DLC WWE 2K22? ›


The WWE 2K22 DLC Pack #2 is out now featuring Cactus Jack, The Boogeyman, and Vader. Bang!

Is WWE 2K22 good for beginners? ›

WWE 2K22 falls under that category of simple games to learn but hard to master. There are no fancy quarter-circle movements to memorize or complicated button inputs. Furthermore, the game will take opportunities to remind you of unique opportunities for paybacks, signatures, and finishers while in a match.

How do you win a table match? ›

  1. First off, momentum bar has to be full. ...
  2. Its not that hard set up a table anyway you want then make sure you have a full momentum bar is ful the irish whip him in to it then when hes on it wait one second and use you finisher and watch your opponite get smacshed through a table.

Can you stack tables in WWE 2K22? ›

You cannot stack 2 tables in WWE 2K22. You can select up to 6 Tables in the weapon wheel in an Extreme Rules match. In HIAC, if you place a table in the ring under one of the panels at the top of the Cell, you can put your opponents through the Cell panel and make them fall through the table!

Does WWE 2K22 SuperCharger unlock everything? ›

Those who buy the WWE 2K22 Deluxe Edition or the WWE 2K22 nWo 4-Life Edition of WWE 2K22 will be given the WWE 2K22 Supercharger DLC. This automatically unlocks all superstars from the start. The Supercharger can also be bought separately for $4.99 if you purchased the standard edition of the game.

Can you break the steel cage in WWE 2K22? ›

One can try and escape through the cage by instructing the ref to open the door. This will trigger a mini-game that functions the same way as the submissions in WWE 2K22. The escape attempt can be broken if the opponent attacks and interrupts the mini-game.

Can you play as MGK in WWE 2K22? ›

Machine Gun Kelly has joined WWE 2K22 as a playable character. WWE 2K22 is the video game debut for Machine Gun Kelly, but the musician has a history with professional wrestling.

Does WWE 2K22 let you cash in Mitb after match? ›

You should be in a match with a champion and pause the game. Once you do that, the 'Cash-In' option will appear. Choosing it will bring the holder of the briefcase out to the ring. Press A/X (Xbox/PlayStation) to cash the briefcase in.

What is considered the best WWE game of all time? ›

Ranked: The 9 best WWE wrestling games of all time
  • 9) WWF Wrestlefest (1991) Play. ...
  • 8) WWF Raw (1994) Play. ...
  • 7) WWE All Stars (2011) Play. ...
  • 6) WWE 2K16 (2015) Play. ...
  • 5) WWE Smackdown! vs Raw 2006 (2005) ...
  • 4) WWF War Zone (1998) Play. ...
  • 3) WWF WrestleMania 2000 (1999) Play. ...
  • 2) WWF No Mercy (2000) Play.

Which WWE game has best graphics? ›

10 Wrestling Games That Look Better Than WWE 2K20
  • 10 WWE 2K19.
  • 9 WWE All-Stars.
  • 8 Fire Pro Wrestling World.
  • 7 WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2007.
  • 6 WWE WrestleMania 21.
  • 5 TNA Impact.
  • 4 WWF War Zone.
  • 3 WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game.
Oct 28, 2019

Which WWE game has the best universe mode? ›

WWE: 5 Games With The Best Universe Modes, Ranked
  • 5 WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011.
  • 4 WWE 2K22.
  • 3 WWE '12.
  • 2 WWE 2K14.
  • 1 WWE '13.
Jun 12, 2022

Is there an ending in MyRise? ›

WWE 2K23 MyRise should have a face and heel ending depending on how many storylines of each you did and then throw a secret ending in there to spice it up. For both men's and womens MyRise. So you've got 6 endings overall and with that, even more replayability.

Was WWE 2K22 a success? ›

WWE 2K22 was a commercial and critical success with the highest Metacritic scores on both Xbox and Playstation platforms in franchise history with over 5.6 million hours viewed on Twitch to date.

What WWE game has the biggest roster? ›

WWE 2K22 has 173 in its base roster with the DLC pushing the expanded character list to 214.

How many storylines are in WWE 2K22? ›

The two storylines have been created to accommodate both a male and female MyPlayer's journey, which should add replayability to the game mode.

How many times can you use payback in WWE 2K22? ›

Paybacks in WWE 2K22 are performed by consuming two bars of the Special Meter, which fills up over time when you give or receive damage. With the new WWE 2K22 Controls Scheme, to activate a Payback Ability you must hold + on PlayStation 4, or + on Xbox One. A Payback can only be executed once per match.

Which is the most powerful finisher? ›

The RKO is by far one of the most effective as well as versatile finishers in WWE.

What is the most powerful finishing move in WWE? ›

1. Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver. The Undertaker closes us out with the greatest move of all-time. It's the one that led him to multiple WWE and World Heavyweight Championships.

Can you unlock Batista in WWE 2K22? ›

In order to unlock Batista in WWE 2K22, players will need to defeat him in Showcase mode while also completing all 13 of the optional objectives.

How many created superstars can you have in WWE 2K22? ›

Conversation. There are 100 Create-a-Superstar slots in #WWE2K17. sweet! Joe Colonna, Jr.

Will Cody Rhodes be in 2K22? ›

However, WWE still wanted Cody in the game. According to Mike Straw at Sports Gamers Online, WWE attempt to get Cody in WWE 2K22, which they knew was unlikely due to the timing, was "quickly shot down." IMPACT Wrestling (1/5/2023) Results: Masha Slamovich vs. Taylor Wilde & More To Kick-Off 2023.

What is the best team to start with in 2K22? ›

NBA 2K22: Best Overall Teams, Ranked
  • 8/10 Philadelphia 76ers - 92.
  • 7/10 Boston Celtics - 93.
  • 6/10 Memphis Grizzlies - 94.
  • 5/10 Miami Heat - 94.
  • 4/10 Golden State Warriors - 94.
  • 3/10 Los Angeles Lakers - 95.
  • 2/10 Milwaukee Bucks - 96.
  • 1/10 LA Clippers - 97.
Jun 2, 2022

Can you play as rappers on WWE 2K22? ›

Chris Scullion. 2K Sports has announced that Machine Gun Kelly will be a playable character in WWE 2K22. The rapper, singer, musician and actor will not be included in the game on day one, but will be added as part of a post-launch DLC pack.

Why is it so hard to become a starter in 2K22? ›

The road to becoming a starter is dependent on which team drafts you and the position you play. If you get drafted on a team that has a better player that plays the same position as you, it can be a long process.

How do you kick out fast in WWE 2K22? ›

The Kick Out system has also been changed in WWE 2K22 compared to previous WWE 2K games. While getting pinned, you have to button-mash the (on PS) or (Xbox) button. This will fill a meter until you kick out of the pin.

Do wrestlers know who will win? ›

In some cases, the two wrestlers will know who's supposed to win, how long the match is supposed to take, and then plan out with their opponent the sequence of three or four moves that will make the finishing montage, ending with the pin (1-2-3), the count-out, the disqualification, or general mayhem.

What is a lumberjack match WWE? ›

A Lumberjack match is a regular match where the outside of the ring is surrounded by wrestlers. The wrestlers that surround the ring are called lumberjacks (females wrestlers are sometimes called lumberjills).

Who decides who wins WWE matches? ›

In WWE, Vince McMahon decides the winners and losers. In this context he is known as the "booker".

How many slots are there in WWE 2K22? ›

BM: How many CAW slots will we have? WWE 2K DT: We have 100 Superstar Creator slots available.

Is WWE 2K22 the best? ›

Yes, a good 2K WWE exists and that is WWE 2K22. The latest game in the series is the best one. After the 2K20 disaster, 2K games picked themselves up and actually released a good game.

Is WWE 2k2 better than WWE 2K22? ›

The team at 2K Games and Visual Concepts developed and produced WWE 2K22 with the goal for it to “hit different,” and it did just that as the title is by far better than WWE 2K20.

How good is WWE 2K22 MyRise? ›

These are some of the very best. WWE 2K22's MyRise is filled with a variety of stories that immerse players in a deep, volatile, and unpredictable roster. From working with legends to falling victim to betrayals to collecting championships, there are a ton of different paths players can unlock and become a part of.

How long to beat WWE 2K22? ›

How long does it take to beat WWE 2K22? The estimated time to complete all 54 WWE 2K22 achievements is 120-150 hours. This estimate is based on the median completion time from 34 TrueAchievements members that have completed the game.

What is so good about 2K22? ›

NBA 2K22 makes some welcome changes to its on-court action. The new stamina system is a game-changer, leading to the series' best offensive flow in years. Defensively, the tweaks to blocks and shot contests make the paint a dangerous place to be.

Does WWE 2K22 my rise have an ending? ›

For both men's and womens MyRise. So you've got 6 endings overall and with that, even more replayability.

How long does it take to complete WWE 2K22 My rise? ›

As mentioned, WWE 2K22's MyRise mode will feature over 1,000 matches and 50 hours of gameplay, split into two storylines for male and female superstars.

Does WWE 2K22 have Royal Rumble? ›

As one of the most popular events in WWE history, it's unsurprising that the Royal Rumble is one of the major match types in WWE 2K22.

Who is missing from WWE 2K22? ›

With WWE 2K22 missing wrestlers such as Big Show, Bray Wyatt, and Alicia Fox, who were all big names in the industry, leading fans to wonder what wrestlers will not make it in the next installment of the WWE 2K franchise.

Is Roman Reigns a powerhouse in WWE 2K22? ›

Roman Reigns is a powerhouse who's strong, quick and even capable of diving out of the ring. His attributes reflect just that. He may not excel in one area, but he's well skilled in every area including submissions.


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